Assign It To Me makes it easy to run your projects profitably.

Get more done with less friction.

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What is Assign It To Me?

You Need More Than
A Bunch Of Checklists To Run A Project

You Don't Have Money To Burn

Assign It To Me is tailor made for companies that charge for their time. Whether you're an independent wedding planner, web marketing agency or a professional services company, you need to make sure that your projects are making forward progress without losing money. Assign It To Me makes key project health metrics available at a glance so that you can make faster decisions before problems happen.

Waste Less Time On Administrivia

Most organizations have separate tools for managing projects and billable time. And let's not kid ourselves, everyone hates booking their time and filing status reports. Assign It To Me integrates project management, task status and time tracking into a single system, and is designed to provide task-level time tracking and progress updates with a minimal amount of friction.

Change Is Good, Except When It's Not

Changes during project delivery are about as certain as death and taxes. More often than not, these scope changes are neither identified nor tracked, which makes the added billable time more difficult to justify to customers. Assign It To Me allows you to create and track scope changes, arming you with critical facts for those uncomfortable discussions about overages.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Check out our video tours highlighting key functionality, or even better, sign up to our free beta to try it out yourself.

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What's This Beta Thing All About?
Questions and Answers

Who is this application for?

We've designed it for service billing companies like IT consulting and marketing.

To be honest, however, you can use it for managing projects of any kind.

Is the beta free?


How long is the beta going to last?

The short answer is "as long as it needs to".

We don't have a definitive date yet, but we would like to work out any bugs and kinks before exiting the Beta stage.

Do I need to provide a credit card to get into the beta?


Once we leave Beta, you won't need a credit card for a trial subscription either.

Is it usable? Bug-free?

Yes. No. That's why it's a Beta!

What are the system requirements?

A modern browser that supports HTML5 and Javascript on a computer or phone.

Here's what we recommend:

  • Latest version of Chrome - Windows, Mac and Android
  • Latest version of Firefox - Windows and Mac
  • Latest version of Safari - Mac, iPad and iPhone
  • Latest version of Edge or Internet Explorer - Windows

We use cookies to manage your application state, so you will need to enable cookies.

Is there a mobile app for this?

No. The app, however, has been designed and tested to run in mobile web browsers.

Is there an API?

It is on our development roadmap, but we don't expect an API to be ready until after the application has completed the beta period.

Is all the final functionality built in?

While the core functionality has been built, we will still be adding some outstanding functionality during the beta period.

We have disabled and/or hidden some incomplete functionality to ensure that you get the best possible user experience during the beta period.

Like most web based subscription software, we roll out improvements and fixes continuously.

Are there instructions in the app? How do I use it?

There is context sensitive help throughout the application, available using the Help link in the left sidebar.

Check out the tour page to get a bigger picture perspective of how to use Assign It To Me.

Are there any limitations on numbers of users, etc. on the beta?


What will happen to my account when the beta period ends?

You will be given a minimum of 30 days notice in advance of the beta period ending. At any point, you can use the export function to export all of your site data, should you decide not to subscribe.

If a free trial period is offered to new non-beta users, you will get the same duration of the trial before being asked to subscribe.

Should you choose to subscribe, you will be offered a discounted subscription rate as a thanks for being a beta user.

If you have more resources (users, data) than you are willing to pay for in your subscription, you will not lose any data, but some of your users may no longer be able to log in or lose some privileges. Once we set the pricing policy and plan, you'll have further information on how this works.

We will have a transition plan for you to follow in advance of the switchover to ensure that any transition is seamless.

What will be the pricing? Will there be a free plan?

We're still working out our pricing plans. If you've got feedback, be sure to leave us some from within the Assign It To Me application. There is a feedback button in the left sidebar.

I want to report a bug or submit a feature request. How do I do that?

There is a feedback link in the left sidebar where you can send us bug reports or feature requests.